Whether you are independently wealthy or pinching every penny, it makes sense to watch what you are spending and it’s very easy to save money by using coupon codes online. In these tough economic times consumers are forced to look for more ways to stretch their hard earned dollars. Fortunately, any companies understand this and publish coupon codes for free shipping, discounts and more for those consumers who shop online.

What is a Coupon Code?

Have you ever noticed a box during the online checkout process that says “redeem code”, “enter promotional code” or similar type of question before completing a transaction? Having a code to enter here almost always results in saving money however very few companies are going to show you a code when you are just one click away from completing a sale. Coupon codes are a way of promoting a company’s products through the simplest form of advertising – a discount. Whether its free shipping, a complimentary upgrade, a certain percentage off or other incentive coupon codes are more popular than ever with customers and companies alike.

Where do I find Coupon Codes?

The most popular way to find coupon codes is to sign up direct with a company and receive their promotional emails however its understandable you probably don’t want to add another email to your newsletter list so there is another way. Before starting the checkout process always Google terms like “Expedia Coupon Code” or “Amazon.com Coupon Codes” – replacing the company name with your particular company. Browse the search results taking notes of the coupon codes other people have shared. Even if the coupon is expired you may be surprised to find out it still works. There is also a chance that some coupon codes have limits so some may no longer be valid. It’s best to copy and paste all the codes you can find and then try them one by one (starting with the highest value coupon first). Your success rate of saving money will be pretty high if you use this path!

How much can I save with a Coupon Code?

This all depends on the store and product. It’s typical for coupon codes to offer free shipping or 5-10% off the total purchase price however these codes can be in any shape or form. From a free night in a hotel room, upgraded airline tickets, free overnight delivery and even buy one get one free offers there is no lack of special offers around.

Are coupon codes always available?

Not all companies offer coupon codes but many do. It’s just not the big brands – even small companies understand the importance of competing and offer codes with much bigger discounts than some well-known companies. Obviously when holiday seasons approach coupon codes seem to be everywhere but even in the off season its possible to save money with a little effort.

What’s the Greatest Thing about Coupon Codes?

No one can call you cheap! There are no coupons to cut and you certainly don’t have to keep a coupon jar in your kitchen for the world to see. All if you have to do is copy and paste and the only people who will know how much you save are you and your bank account – How cool is that!

Alan Dunn

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