When you’re moving, expenses can add up really fast. Beyond the cost of putting your first month’s rent and a deposit on a new apartment (or making your first payments on a home), you have the gas expenses in driving back and forth from your old place to your new place, the cost of renting a truck, the cost of paying a moving company, having utilities turned on, buying new furniture to pad the place out if it’s bigger than your old place and so on and on. How can you offset some of these costs? Here are a few ideas.

Sell Stuff

If you sell some of your old furniture through classified ads, under the conditions that the buyer come and pick it up, you need only move it once: out to their car or truck. This way you don’t have to pay a mover to drag it across town and you put a little money in your pocket. Of course, this is really only a good solution if you have some furniture you want to get rid of but it applies to everything.

You can hold a yard sale following this rule:

If you haven’t used it in awhile, if you barely remember the last time you needed it, it’s up for sale. This will save you time and money on moving and put another dollar or two in your pocket. This includes everything from clothes to old antiques.

Borrow Everything

Borrow anything you can that will help you move more quickly. If you can borrow a truck, get your friends to help you haul the furniture around and you won’t have to spend anything on truck rental or hiring a moving company. You’ll have to sweat it out a bit and you will owe your friends help when they move but if it saves you a few bucks then … hey, it saves you a few bucks.

Hire Cheap

If you really need to hire someone to help and cant afford a moving company. Instead, put up a flyer in the local colleges asking for day laborers who can work for a fair hourly wage. You help a starving student get grocery money for the week, and you save a little money yourself on hiring movers.

Tax Deductions

Moving expenses can actually be deducted from your taxes. Start saving every receipt you get right now. Everything from the cost of gas moving back and forth to the gas station coffee you drank on the way. When tax times come, figure out what you can and what you can’t deduct and get a little bit of your moving expenses back.

Organize, Organize, Organize

We keep mentioning gas expenses here and the fact is that this can really add up quick. If you’re not careful you may wind up spending more on transportation alone than all your other moving expenses combined. In order to save cash on gas keep your stuff organized so as to limit the number of trips you take. If you’re really good, a studio apartment can fit (in its entirety) into a good sized van. Maybe you won’t be able to get it across town in a single trip, but treat that as your ultimate goal and you should have no trouble making it with only two or three drives.

The basic idea is to think outside the box, do as much as you can by hand, and act as if you don’t have a dollar to spend on moving. The stingier you are moving, the more cash you’ll have on hand to get the new place just like you like it.

Do you Have a Money saving tip for Moving?

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