The glam and bright lights of Las Vegas may look expensive however beyond all the sparkle one can discover great value in a Las Vegas vacation on any budget.


The most important thing is getting to Vegas and the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is one of the busiest in the country. Every traveler is looking for a deal on Las Vegas flights and most airlines provide very reasonable rates to the sin city. Some airlines have charter flights which typically depart a couple times a week while others run specials if you book in advance.

It’s not uncommon to even find last minute Las Vegas flight deals if you search around. Always stay in touch with the airlines and travel deal companies like TravelZoo and Orbitz since it’s important to understand the current fare market and know a deal when you see one. Is $300 cheap for a round trip ticket to Vegas? How do you know if it’s your first time looking? Don’t forget to look for private charter flights also – airlines Allegiant Air routinely offers cheap charter flights to Vegas even from some rural destinations.

Renting a Car

There is almost no reason to rent a car in Las Vegas. Most of your time will be spent on the strip and why pay $20 or more a day in parking fees (from your hotel and everywhere else you need to park). if you need a car its important to book well in advance since Las Vegas car rentals not only get booked up fast but can also cost upwards of $100 a day sometimes. Always make a list of what you want to do in Vegas and try to limit your “off the strip” activities to a defined time period so you can minimize your car rental time. The Hoover Dam, Red Rock and the Grand Canyon are obviously must see attractions but do you need to commit to a full week car rental? It may be wise to even compare the cost of a tour to the cost of a rental car and opt for an air conditioned bus with a tour guide – but then again, there is no price on the freedom of not having to hang with other tourists!

Las Vegas Restaurants

Las Vegas has been known for its free buffets and steak dinners but remember that this is not 1955 anymore. Las Vegas is also home to some of the finest (and most expensive) restaurants in the world where a dinner for 2 can easily exceed $200 or more. If you are staying on the strip ask the concierge for some recommendations and always provide them with your budget. Also check out websites look for some insight into restaurants located outside of the “tourist zone”.

You also need to pay attention to coupons. Every Las Vegas hotel lobby has a rack of discount books somewhere and even though these books are often placed far out of sight they are still there. 2 for 1, free appetizers, $50 off – almost every Las Vegas restaurant has a coupon but many times you have to look for it.

Of course, if you really want a free desert (or possible even a free meal) ALWAYS make a reservation and tell them it’s your birthday or engagement. See what they will offer and you may just be pleasantly surprised what you can get for free. Of course, we take no responsibility if they ask you for an ID or request that you prove your love on the spot.


Do you really need to gamble? Well of course you do. Gambling is part of Las Vegas history but it’s also easy to get carried away. Budget yourself accordingly and understand the best way to save money on gambling in Las Vegas is either (a) not gamble or (b) limit your access to cash. Never bring your debit or credit card to the tables and try to limit your consumption of free drinks. More alcohol often equals less intelligence resulting in… a “where did my money go” conversation when you wake up.

Las Vegas Hotels

There are all kinds of tips and tricks to save money on Las Vegas hotels so visit our “how to save money on Las Vegas hotels” section and learn how to get free nights, room upgrades and more.

Las Vegas is a destination for everyone. From living up to its reputation as the ultimate sin city, a wealth of 5 star shows and some of the greatest restaurants in the world. There is a little bit of Las Vegas for everyone but you certainly don’t have to sell your soul to have an affordable vacation.


Alan Dunn

Written by Alan Dunn – one of our highly talented and underpaid writers. For more information on Alan follow him on Twitter or Google Plus

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