Gene Simmons, best known as a member of the band Kiss, is a very wealthy celebrity and entrepreneur. His net worth is estimated to be $300 million. This hefty sum has been accumulated from his music stardom, as well as a variety of other entrepreneurial ventures. He is a very shrewd businessman who has diversified his financial portfolio, building on his fame as a musician, to amass significant holdings.

Also known as “The Demon,” Simmons is a talented bassist and vocalist. He is best known for his stage persona in the band Kiss, a group he helped found and has been consistently a part of throughout its existence. One of the most successful bands, the group has sold more than 100 million albums. Kiss, which has been in existence for more than 30 years, continues to tour.

Bassist for the well-known band, Simmons has also grown his wealth by diversifying his music industry career into other areas beyond performance. He discovered the group Van Halen and was the producer of their demo album. He has also managed singing careers for big names such as Liza Minnelli.

What have been Gene Simmons’ entrepreneurial endeavors?

In addition to his career as a musician and performer, Simmons was very involved in Kiss merchandising and licensing. He focuses on being a performer over being a musician, as can be witnessed by his fire breathing spectacles, early years of wild makeup and his famous tongue. Merchandising and other business ventures embrace the showmanship of Kiss.

Few bands have the extensive line of merchandise that Simmons drove Kiss to have. The line of Kiss products ranges from the traditional like apparel, games, and drink ware to the unusual such as Kiss wine. They even offer the morbid merchandise like caskets and urns, featuring the bands logos and images. The group is also featured in a Kiss Coffeehouse franchise and an 18-hole mini golf course.

Building on his own notoriety on the bass, he has created his very own signature bass line of guitars. He also has his own lines of Gene Simmons apparel, collectibles, prints and more. He has also done merchandising efforts for his reality TV show Family Jewels.

Beyond music, Gene Simmons expanded to the world of print. He has published four books, mostly focused on two subjects: Kiss and/or sex. He also attempted a men’s lifestyle magazine called Gene Simmons’ Tongue, which lasted only five issues.

Simmons also has ventured into the restaurant industry, creating a combination restaurant and entertainment venue called Rock and Brews, the most recent location of which opened in April 2012. It creates a concert feel right in the restaurant where patrons enjoy their meal. Multiple locations exist with plans for more.

Never one to stop at the predictable, Simmons also has an interest in a financial planning company. The unusual venture that Simmons undertook was co-founding the organization Cool Springs It helps those with high net worth do estate planning.

What has Gene Simmons been involved with on television?

Never shy to the small screen, Gene Simmons has been a part of several TV shows. At present, he does a reality TV show with his wife and children, entitled “Family Jewels.” For his role in that show, he earns a significant $125,000 per episode. It has been on the air for six seasons and it still is running strong.

He has previously done narration for a Canadian animation company’s TV show entitled My Dad the Rock Star. He has also hosted and created an Oxygen channel show called Mr. Romance. His first venture into reality TV was a show called Rock School where Simmons attempts to create a rock band in a school. Simmons has also appeared on a variety of TV shows including Rachael Ray, American Idol, The Apprentice, Castle, Family Guy, Miami Vice, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

What movies has Gene Simmons starred in?

From his 1978 TV movie debut Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park to 2011 sequel Detroit Dubstep City, Simmons has never really hit it big in the movies. His roles ranged from himself to a variety of other characters. Whether documentary, Japanese movie or self-produced, his movie roles have never brought him significant renown.

What products has Gene Simmons acted as a spokesperson for?

Simmons has been portrayed on various forms of media as a spokesperson for products such as Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Visa cards, Cannon cameras, and Holiday Inn. Simmons is a spokesperson and partner for, the largest language translator internationally.

Few celebrities have the business savvy of Gene Simmons. He could have easily rested on the notoriety of his band that has been around for almost 40 years. However, instead he embraced the business world and diversified his finances in ways that are unparalleled by music stars, making him a very wealthy rocker!

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