Daniel Tosh is a well-known comedian who routinely performs stand-up comedy and has a television show that garners high ratings. His routine focuses mainly on sarcastic jokes that would definitely not be viewed as politically correct in terms of gender, race, or sexual orientation. He claimed that he is not racist, sexist, nor homophobic in a 2011 interview with Inside TV, saying that just tells jokes that he finds to be funny.

When not touring or filming his television show, Tosh has also lent his name to various charities and fundraisers. However, he has vowed to end his comedy career on his 38th birthday. He has a countdown ticker on his website, DanielTosh.com to keep track of the time he has left.

How does Daniel Tosh earn his money?

Daniel Tosh started out in stand-up, and he has performed in many well-known venues that have increased his fan base, earning power and career. He was on the Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in the early 2000s.

He eventually became a regular on many of Comedy Central’s stand-up comedy offerings, such as Premium Blend and Comedy Central Presents. He also released a stand-up comedy CD in 2005 and a DVD in 2007; Comedy Central ran the latter. His latest offering, in 2011, is Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts. He has also toured the United States and Canada every year since 2010.

Furthermore, in 2009, Comedy Central gave the green light for his television show Tosh.0. It is a low-budget show where Daniel Tosh highlights video clips from the Internet and then rips them apart with off-color jokes and quips. He also has an interview segment on the show where he interviews the subjects of his Internet clips.

News outlets such as ABC News and Reuters reported in 2010 that Tosh.0 was beating both John Stewart’s The Daily Show and Steven Colbert’s The Colbert Report in terms of ratings. It was reported that he had an estimated 200,000 more viewers than The Daily Show with John Stewart and 800,000 more viewers than The Colbert Report.

Daniel Tosh also earns money through his website and sales of merchandise. He has multiple social media outlets that allow him to push his comedy and his particular brand. However, Daniel Tosh’s kind of crude and offensive humor has more than likely cost him sponsors and endorsements, as some do not want to be associated with such politically incorrect content.

What is Daniel Tosh’s Net Worth?

While Daniel Tosh has not yet broken into any of Forbes magazine’s lists of top earners for comedians or celebrities, he still makes a lot of money. Forbes did remark in its 2011 list’s accompanying article that Tosh is definitely set to make the Top-Earning Comedian list in the future. The website Celebrity Net Worth puts his earnings at $6.5 million and TheRichest.org puts his net worth at over $6.5 million.

Tosh’s earning power has risen from an estimated net worth of $1.5 million in 2011. The rise is more than likely due to the popularity of his stand-up comedy acts in 2010 and 2011; both were aired by Comedy Central. Tours are generally stand-up comedians’ major source of income. A new tour, the Tosh Tour Twenty Twelve, runs from early March to the end of April 2012. It begins and ends at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas with a tour of select venues in between.

What does Daniel Tosh do with his money?

Tosh bemoans the on-the-road life of the stand-up comedian. He likens it to the movie Groundhog Day where actor Bill Murray relives the same day over and over. It is one reason why he claims he will end his career on his 38th birthday, which will be in May 2013. When he is not touring, he stays at his home in Hermosa Beach, Florida with his dog, according to a 2006 interview with American Superstar.

He has also spent some of his precious time on fundraising. He participated in the Comedy Central fundraiser for the family of comedian Greg Giraldo in 2011 along with other comedians such as Conan Obrien, Levis Black, and Colin Quinn; Greg Giraldo died of a prescription drug overdose in 2010, and the benefit was aimed at raising funds for his three children.

Tosh also made an appeal on his show for viewers to donate towards relief and aid efforts for Alabama amidst the deadly tornados in the spring of 2011. Of course, the entreaty was also accompanied by jokes against Alabama in general and Alabama University head coach Nick Saban in particular. The jokes received a mixed bag of reviews, which seems to be the norm for his particular brand of snarky comedy; many found the remarks to be in poor taste while others felt they were the height of hilarity.

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