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With reference to advertising please note that we are only interested in high quality advertisers. 99% of all advertising requests will go unanswered however if you have good idea we will listen. Any proposals for advertising get rich quick programs, foreclosure assistance, debt relief programs or anything where odds are you are not going to save people money we can guarantee your email will sit in our spam folder for eternity.

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Our goal is to provide a wealth of information on ways to save money and we know there are many great people who have ideas beyond ours so feel free to send a request and we may just let you post an article for the world to see.

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  • Articles must of be high quality in nature
  • Articles must be original and exclusive
  • Topics can surround anything which involves Saving Money
  • Affiliate Links are NOT allowed although we will allow you to link to sites with valuable content (your definition of quality is probably vastly different than ours)
  • Please provide a couple links to guest posts or articles you already have online

Please note you will get extra special attention for naming the capital of Australia – Why, because it tells us you are actually reading these points.

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